From the first to the very latest site: Sabine Kolbe-Weber puts Krones on the web

Can you imagine a life without the internet, without websites and smartphones? No? Then you’re indubitably the rule rather than the exception. But it’s not all that long ago that a website was something very new and exotic. In 1996 Sabine Kolbe-Weber, today the Team Manager Web Solutions at Krones AG, taught herself HTML, and crafted Krones AG’s first website. This first project was followed by many, many others. At the moment, Sabine Kolbe-Weber is working on the Krones microsite for the drinktec.

Sabine, what makes the drinktec site so special?

We’re aiming to inform our clients and all visitors to the fair about what we’ll be showcasing at the drinktec, and offer them the relevant background information as well. We’re adopting a holistic approach here: all our company’s channels are represented on the microsite – Twitter, press releases,, blog, … The site also functions as a landing page for the invitations to the fair, and offers all the information required on the exhibits. It’s in responsive design, and can be read by desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets, which is helpful when you’re travelling. We’ve opted for a flowing tile design, though not all of the tiles are completely filled, so that the screen looks more spacious, and we’ve still got some room left over on the site.

Is all the information on the fair already on the site?

The first press releases and information on the fair have already been posted there. They will be followed at the start of the fair by picture galleries featuring all our exhibits and their details. In the initial phase before the fair, visitors can get a rough idea of the Krones hall. From the beginning of the fair, there will be an interactive hall map provided, with information on all exhibits and keynote themes – that is perhaps of interest even to those who won’t be able to attend the drinktec this year. And after the fair, too, the site will be kept available with all its information for a lengthy period and during the fair real-time coverage will be provided by integrating the Krones blog  … so nobody is going to miss out on anything at all.

What has changed compared to earlier websites?

There have been so many radical changes in recent years – starting with the content management systems, which enable several people to work on one and the same project. CSS, and now HTML5, mean we can adopt entirely new approaches to designing our websites. Integrating videos enables our technical content, in particular, to be far more effectively communicated, and due to the new mobile devices, there was a lot more planning and testing to do as well – it’s all quite exhilarating, but’s it’s a lot of hard work too. For me, the time up to the fair will be a very exciting challenge. Our team will be really happy, though, when we see that the site is up and running properly on the web server.