From “Brewer Seeks Wife” to a capital goods trade fair of international repute: the BrauBeviale

For 35 years now, Krones has been one of the exhibitors at the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg. Each time we’ve participated has meant numerous exciting exhibits, an abundance of new acquaintances, and innumerable interesting experiences. A lot of elaborate preparations are required for organising a trade fair – something that our eight trainees, who are currently engaged in intra-company research, will soon be able to tell you a whole lot more about. But what is the actual reality behind the name of “BrauBeviale”? When did its history begin? What was Krones AG’s first exhibit? Before our trainees really get started, these are questions that need to be answered.

 An advanced training course in Bamberg – how it all began

The roots of what is meanwhile a premier-league trade fair lie in an “advanced training course for brewery owners, brewmasters, brewing technicians and junior staff”, which was premiered in Bamberg back in 1957. Under the aegis of this course, not only did 15 firms exhibit water purification systems, but the fair also functioned as a marriage mart for the sector. Thus besides the manufacturers of the exhibits, potential marriage candidates were also being showcased – along the lines of “Brewer’s Blind Date”. This was followed in 1961 by a relocation to Nuremberg, in the Meistersinger Hall, and in 1978 the fair, now known as the “Business-Management-Technological Autumn Conference of the Bavarian State Confederation of Mid-Tier and Small Breweries”, moved to the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre – where the BrauBeviale is still held today. At the same time, Nürnberger Messe- und Ausstellungsgesellschaft, the predecessor of Nürnberg Messe GmbH, took over as the organiser of the “Autumn Conference”.

Krones as an exhibitor at the fair, and the birth of the name “Brau”

The next few years were characterised by important developments – both for Krones, and for the “Autumn Conference”. In 1979, Krones, back then still operating as Krones GmbH & Co, made its debut as an exhibitor at the autumn meet-up. The first exhibit: a fully automatic labeller for applying body and shoulder labels to a 0.5-litre euro-bottle: the Robusta. In 1980, when Krones GmbH & Co was converted into a stock corporation, now called Krones AG, a radical step was taken in the history of the present-day ”BrauBeviale”: the “Business-Management-Technological Autumn Conference of the Bavarian State Confederation of Mid-Tier and Small Breweries” was renamed as simply the “Brau“.

Krones’ first exhibit at the Autumn Conference: the Robusta

The BrauBeviale capital goods trade fair: from 15 visitors in 1957 to almost 33,000 in 2012

So what precisely is the “Brau“, then? As a trade fair showcasing capital goods for the beverage industry, its focus is themed around the processes involved in producing beverages. The categories offered to visitors cover raw materials, technologies, logistics and marketing – i.e. everything from initial production to the marketing of beverages. The Brau has evolved into one of the sector’s premier trade fairs for capital goods, with an international reputation: from 15 visitors in 1957, then 2,800 visitors in 1978, the figure for 2012 was a huge 32,810. The number of exhibitors, too, has steadily risen: whereas in 1975 there were only 15 companies showcasing their wares, six years later there were 191 of them – and in 2012 there were an impressive 1,284 exhibitors. Krones AG, too, of course, has been an ever-present – and has already showcased numerous interesting exhibits. The Brau’s increasing inclusion of international players from the mid-1980s onwards indubitably played a crucial role in the rising numbers of visitors and exhibitors. In 2012, for instance, an impressive 45 per cent of the exhibitors, and 38 per cent of the visitors, were of international origins. The visitors’ growing interest in the soft-drinks industry was also to be reflected in the suffix added to the event’s name in 2002: the Brau was renamed as the BrauBeviale. And the latter will soon once again be richer by eight new visitors. Because after gaining their insights into trade fair preparations, the eight trainees from Krones AG will be right there as professionals at the BrauBeviale.

Krones’ stand at the BrauBeviale