From a lowly intern to a Shopping Queen in Regensburg?

Sounds like a giddying rise! “From Krones to crown”, so to speak, almost like in a fairy-tale. But stop, it’s not a fairy-tale! It really happened like that, namely to Ngoc, my colleague and fellow-intern. But let’s hear about it from her in her own words:

„I don’t like goodbyes, therefore I would much rather say hello. Hello, to a new adventure with Krones AG in Regensburg“ is what I posted on my Facebook pinboard when my agenda read:

Leaving Berlin. Off to Regensburg. Becoming a social media intern at Krones in Neutraubling!

And perhaps even winning the title of Shopping Queen in Regensburg.
Well, that would be a perfect culmination of my life here in Regensburg! What is this all about, me perhaps becoming a Shopping Queen? I’ll be getting to that!

First a few words about my internship at Krones in the Corporate Communications Department on the social media team. My “Krones” adventure is nearing its end, and I’m looking back on six brilliantly exciting and fun-filled months. My first day at Krones coincided with my 24th birthday. Yes, and this coincidence alone ensures that I shall never forget Krones AG.

What did my six months as an intern here look like?

My principal remit was to optimise the YouTube channel and the keywords, tags management and to look after the Instagram und Vine channels. I also supported the social media team in its daily tasks like posting, feedback, monitoring, liking, etc. on the social media channels. In addition, for example, I was able to work on lots of exciting projects themed around training, career websites and employer branding in general. This was one of my most interesting projects, since even as an undergraduate I had engaged closely with these issues. And I could also give free rain to my creativity – with some short films and also some drawings for the website. I also had a lot of fun with the Periscope project, where I created and organised live streams about my internship. Perhaps the biggest and most exciting project of all, which I worked on together with my colleagues, was the key performance indicator project for evaluating the social media activities on all of Krones’ channels. I learned a lot there. Yes, and when it comes to learning …

I’ve even managed to learn a new language!

Bavarian! My vocabulary has expanded to include Bavarian words like “Oachkatzlschwoaf”, “Obacht” or “Gaudi Nockerln”. There were quite a few humorous moments in the office when I tried to pronounce Bavarian words with my high-faluting Berlin accent, or when I occasionally [occasionally!??! (ed.)] failed to understand my Bavarian colleagues. I’ve even adopted the typically Bavarian “Basst scho” (“that’s OK”), and I’ve been using it enthusiastically and often. 😀

I’ve tried to store up as many experiences as possible from my internship and quite generally from my life here in Regensburg. The company party, the Regensburger Dult fair, the Bavarian beer and food culture, and lots of stunning scenic and architectural attractions on offer in and around Regensburg, like the Walhalla memorial. I’ve taken the sweet city of Regensburg irrevocably to my heart.

I’m a huge Shopping Queen fan!

And so it came about that I entered myself as candidate for Regensburg’s Shopping Queen. Because as a Shopping Queen fan I’d always wanted to take part, and so I thought to myself: why not go for this experience as well while I’m here? And now there’s an opportunity for me to vie (or to be more precise shop!) with four other participants for the title of Shopping Queen in Regensburg! How will I get on? That you’ll be able to see as from mid-November, and who knows, perhaps I’ll be crowned as the Shopping Queen in Regensburg!?

Motto for the Shopping Queen in Regensburg?

I’m really excited and totally looking forward to it! But I’m particularly intrigued by the motto! What do you think? What motto could dear Guido-Maria Kretschmer have up his sleeve for the Shopping Queen in Regensburg? 😉

Thanks for a brilliant time!

I’m not a fan of lengthy farewell speeches, so at this point I should like merely to thank my wonderful team for a magnificently enjoyable time! I’m really going to miss you! And who knows? After all, you always see each other twice in this life! J


At this point, I will contribute a few short words of my own, just to say: thank you Ngoc, all the best for your new/old life in Berlin, and we want to see you on the shopping throne!