Fourteen nations, one team?

Definitely! This has been impressively confirmed by the CFS Training Symposium, which was recently held at Krones in Neutraubling.

Moreover, it has once again demonstrated that decentralisation and internationalisation at Krones do not mean that the subsidiaries are simply left alone with their wishes and questions. For the symposium, 54 participants, training managers and service trainers from all over the world met up in Neutraubling in order to talk about progressing our global service training and to agree further joint approaches for training our service technicians. After all, as Herbert Obermüller, Head of Central Field Service, put it so appositely during his speech of welcome, “good training is the foundation for outstanding service quality“. And this, of course, is what we want to offer our clients all over the world to a harmonised standard of excellence.

The symposium’s participants were informed not only about innovations from units like KIC Krones or OSAT, but also about advances in technical and didactic specifics. The training managers and trainer, for example, had an opportunity to test the functionality of virtual reality in a training environment – and not only did it look rather amusing to see our colleagues walking around non-existent machines in small groups with the virtual glasses on their noses, but these experiences then also formed the foundation for subsequent discussions. For instance, following some more presentations from the fields of e-learning and training coordination. We were finally able to exchange mutual feedback in a plenary session on blended-learning concepts for service training. Because with the increasing complexity of our machines, our standards of service training have to be concomitantly upgraded. Moreover, the training concepts concerned have to be modified to suit the altered work/life situations of the staff, and become generally more flexible. Our colleagues from all over the world swiftly concurred that these goals are attainable only when we all pull together as a can-do team!

For us from the Training Centre in Neutraubling, this symposium was a complete success in many different regards: firstly, we were able to make a vital contribution towards enabling the subsidiaries to be networked more effectively with each other and thus strengthening global cooperation. Secondly, we could respond directly on the spot to the wishes and needs of our colleagues. Thus together we took many decisions designed to make our work easier for all of us. In addition, in subsequent workshops the trainers had an opportunity to bring their knowledge up to a shared high level, and thus to ensure that the service technicians receive comparable training worldwide.

From a personal viewpoint, it was simply a brilliant experience to meet in person all the colleagues involved, some of whom I’d known only from emails and from telephone or video conferences. A feeling shared not only by me and my colleagues from Neutraubling, as the general feedback quickly confirmed: this was not going to be the last get-together of its kind. Because all the conferees concurred that it was highly beneficial to sit around a table with their global colleagues and discuss problems and advances. We’re all looking forward immensely to continuing this fruitful collaboration.