For that certain something extra on your icecream sundae


One of the absolute hits on our stand at the fair is the milk bar: the milk-shakes and smoothies it serves are ideal for sweetening up a technical discussion. For some modest refreshment betweentimes, there is also vanilla icecream with fruit sauce – but the latter doesn’t simply come out of the bottle onto the icecream: what we’re using here is a dosing pump, fresh from Evoguard’s development workshop.

The dosing pump provides high-precision handling for different kinds of foods and beverages: from liquid to highly viscous, and both with and without chunks. Depending on the application involved, sauce, yoghurt or icecream are passed linearly through a hose – but instead of applying pressure, the product concerned is delivered with the aid of rollers, which press it gently through the hose. This means several advantages for the filling process:

  • Since the product is transported gently through the hose using a low-impact roller movement, the pressure involved is reduced, thusenabling solids to be filled as well.
  • An additional measuring system is not needed for the dosing function itself – the quantity required is precisely controlled by means of the motor movement. The advantage: an uncomplicated principle that scores highly in terms of maximised dosing accuracy.
  • Talking of accuracy: once the container has been filled completely, the pump uses the roller to create an underpressure – and the product flow is practically cut off without post-dripping or thread-forming.
  • Thanks to the servomotor, different velocity profiles can be stored in the control system – thus enabling the dosage to be accurately matched to the characteristics of the product involved. This means that change-overs, e.g. from tomato sauce to Bolognese sauce, can be effected quite easily at the touch of a button.
  • The principle of the peristaltic pump also ensures enhanced hygiene: during the entire dosing process, the product is located inside the hose, and – in contrast to conventional piston fillers – does not come into contact with any mechanical parts. What’s more, the system is easy to clean, since there are no dead spaces in which food or beverage residues can collect.

There are numerous application options for the dosing valve from Evoguard: ranging from liquid products with or without particles (such as olives in oil, tomato sauce or Bolognese sauce and pesto), then paste-like foods like yoghurt with fruit chunks, Bircher muesli, sweet-corn salad, salad dressings, all the way through to velvety icecream or mashed potatoes.

But since vanilla icecream with an olive topping might perhaps be considered a tiny bit too experimental, our milk bar serves the sundae either with raspberry or strawberry sauce. And you can see it on the satisfied faces of the fair’s visitors: some sweet refreshment between times is just the thing for a long day at the Anuga FoodTec.