Flexibility in packaging

For the brewing and beverage industries, flexibility in terms of end-of-the-line packaging is gaining progressively in perceived importance. Particularly when the aim is to achieve a perfect synthesis of design and sturdiness, disparate requirements are entailed that demand maximised flexibility. No problem for our Varioline packaging virtuoso.

The packaging system is modularised in construction, and in its maximum configuration can place individual containers – i.e. the primary packages – initially in easy-to-handle secondary multipacks, and then supply these with a suitable tertiary package. And, of course, Krones is continually expanding its modularisation principle. At this year’s BrauBeviale, we are now presenting a new generation of packaging systems: the Krones Varioline 1M, a continuous pick-and-place packer for high speeds.

The continuous pick-and-place packer

With the concept of the single-module Varioline 1M, Krones has now developed the solution for a single-stage packaging process, whose output is fully comparable to that of conventional packers with two lanes. The returnable bottles are packed at a speed of up to 72,000 bottles per hour in a continuous flow, i.e. without any “stop and go” in the bottle flow or on the pack conveyor. But that’s not all: besides an even more appealing visual image for the bottles thanks to reduced scuffing, development work focused particularly on an operator-friendly, space-saving design.

Visitors to the BrauBeviale 2018 can in Hall 7A watch the packaging virtuoso in operation. For everyone else, our expert for packaging technology, Tobias Gut, explains what’s special about the new Varioline: