Fit for the future – training at Krones

Do you remember your schooldays? That carefree time when you hid from the teachers during the breaks so that they couldn’t send you out into the cold, cold playground, Where you quickly copied the maths test from the guy sitting next to you, and during the English lesson surreptitiously bit into your cheese sandwich. But the closer the end approaches, with the final examination looming, the more questions began to occupy your mind. What am I going to do when I leave school?

Here, we should like to briefly outline one of the options that Krones offers to school-leavers – the training course inn Profile 21. At Krones AG, there are abundant multifaceted training options in the industrial, technical and commercial categories. Profile 21 is a special training option, because within just four and a half years you can end up with several different qualifications at once. The principal focuses are firstly on training as an electronics specialist for industrial engineering, and secondly as a mechatronics technician.

The course covers the basics involved in electronics and electrical engineering. Our trainees are familiarised with our control system technology and our production processes, and at the end of their training are able to deal skilfully with metal and networking technology. What’s more, they are optimally equipped for working with computers, since they also learn the basics of programming. A PLC course is part of the curriculum as well.

This training option has plenty of advantages: the costs involved are bone by Krones, including the attendance time at the technician’s school and the examination days. In addition, with this qualification, the whole wide world is only a stone’s throw away. Intercultural advanced skilling and working all over the planet are part and parcel of the job right from the start, Thanks to this experience (not least directly at the customer interface), there are abundant opportunities for carer advancement. Experienced service technicians are there to support our trainees in the Krones Training Centre for their internal specialised and machine-specific advanced skilling as well.

Well, who qualifies for a training course in Profile 21? You need to have at least a junior high school or intermediate leaving certificate, and our applicants should also possess an enthusiastic interest in scientific subjects.

Our trainees will tell you about the Profile 21 course, and why indeed the whole thing is called “Profile 21”, in a video ( and on the trainee blog (

What was your training like? Please write and tell us what you chose to do after leaving school, or indeed what you’re going to do.