Fact check: the pros and cons of plastics

Packages are coming in for more and more criticism nowadays – especially when they are made of plastic. This is because, no matter how valuable and important plastics are for the protection, transport and consumption of beverages, the global litter problem and an increasing scarcity of natural resources are casting a serious shadow on this material’s use.

And at Krones as well, we can’t avoid dealing with this topic. Not only because a part of our sales is produced with technology and services for PET lines, but also because we as a company have devoted ourselves to the sustainable use of resources.

In the weeks to come, we will therefore intensively deal with the topic of “plastic and sustainability”. In the series “Facts about plastics” we will examine every Thursday a different aspect of the advantages and disadvantages of plastics in general and PET beverage bottles in particular.

Next week will see the launch of the first fact check. Anyone who can’t wait that long can get a little taster here, though:

  • Taking “Conjuring new products from waste” as our theme, we will be exploring the issue of the circular economy at K 2019 in Düsseldorf. Initial impressions and information can be found on our trade fair website.
  • The current Krones magazine is dedicated to the key issue of plastics and sustainability. Among the features is a story about the Californian recycling start-up rPlanet Earth.
  • And here on the blog our plastics expert Jochen Forsthoevel will be regularly sharing his knowledge and personal assessments regarding plastics.