EvoLite Bloc: the packaging standard for non-returnable six packs

When Krones introduced the LitePac together with the EvoLite packaging machine, it brought a radically different packaging design to the market. Krones has now unveiled the EvoLite Bloc which is arguably the most compact packaging and palletising solution for non-returnable six packs and has the lowest energy consumption.

Wolfgang Huber, Vice President of Packaging and Palletising Systems, talks about the new design.

20130917_drinktec_IP_ST_0063What components make up the EvoLite Bloc?

The bloc contains the EvoLite strapping machine, the Robobox grouping station and a Modulpal series palletiser for non-returnables.


What are the advantages of the EvoLite Bloc?

Bloc design has many advantages. By combining standard proven machines to create a complete, seamless line for final packaging and palletising, we are able to reduce the number of functional units which do not add value such as handling systems and buffers.

What effect does that have?

We save space because only the functional units remain. That in turn reduces legwork for the operators. All of the machines share a standard control and drive design, creating a continuous flow. The line operates more efficiently and consumes less energy. The spare parts inventory can be optimised and the investment costs are lower.


What is so special about the EvoLite Bloc?

Compared to conventional shrink-wrap packaging, the EvoLite Bloc can cut energy consumption by as much as 90 %. In addition, the cost of the packaging material is reduced by up to 60 %.

What do our customers think?

LitePac has been extremely well received by our customers. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, the LitePac can significantly reduce operating costs. “Customers really notice the savings.” Secondly, LitePacs make an active contribution to sustainability as a result of lower energy consumption and a substantial reduction in the volume of waste strapping compared to shrink wrapping.