Evoguard modular pump system

Evoguard is the first pump series produced by Krones in-house. The first product featuring the company’s own design is a single-stage, normal-priming, hygienic centrifugal pump. The pumps can be supplied with a flow rate up to 100 cubic metres per second, discharge head up to 80 metres and operating pressure up to PN 16. With six different sizes, the range of pumps covers the most important output gradations commonly encountered in a beverage plant.

We spoke with Martin Zierer, Senior Vice-President Evoguard Components, about the development of the pump and the reasons for entering the pump business.


Martin Zierer, EvoGuardWhy did Krones decide to enter the pump business?

We are taking on added responsibility and continuing to expand the component business. Hygienic pumps are some of the most important subsystems on process lines. We now provide a single source for all of the elements which are needed to transport products and media on the line. This reinforces the message that Krones offers one-stop shopping.


What industries did you have in mind when you developed the pumps?

The centrifugal pumps are suitable for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


What are the advantages of the pumps?

The pump has a maintenance-friendly design. The clearances can be adjusted easily without any special parts, and the seal in the product chamber can be quickly replaced. We use rugged materials. The sealing materials, installation spaces and pump housing are designed for continual, high-performance operation. Precision-matched parts keep production running smoothly. The pump design conforms to applicable European Union regulations.


What makes the Evoguard pump series so special?

As was the case with our valve technology, we have been able to build on our many years of experience in machinery design. High efficiency using the right type of motors and optimal energy utilisation were design priorities.


What do the customers think?

As soon as we had launched our range of valves, we were approached by some customers who wanted to know whether we were developing pumps as well. On the very first day of the fair, many clients were pleasantly surprised by this new addition to the EvoGuard range, and we’ve already had some very detailed discussions with them on this new family of pumps.


Martin Zierer, EvoGuard

What do the customers think?

It is worth mentioning at this point that a few customers approached us about this possibility when we introduced our valve products. The reaction to our initial presentation of the pumps to customers was very encouraging and I will be very interested in hearing the feedback we get at the show.