Evoguard: How can a mechanical valve be digitalised?

Evoguard asked itself an exciting question: how can a mechanical valve, i.e. a physical component “learn to talk”, meaning how can it be digitalised?

Up to now, continuous maintenance and inspection of the valves and their sealing elements in the beverage and food industry has been based on visual inspection. Or it is based on monitoring the operating hours and preventative maintenance. In the first case, leakage gives information about the condition of the seal. In the second case, the user is informed about the condition of the seal within due time, but possible production time is wasted.

Both cases are not satisfactory for a safe production process.

In a pilot project, Evoguard is currently developing, in conjunction with Syskron, an intelligent valve as a solution geared to Industry 4.0.

At a glance

  • Inspection process which detects the ageing and wear condition of an installed seal
  • Real time measurement of the seal condition with LED indication
  • Further improvement of product safety and line availability