Evoguard goes YouTube

How exactly do you dismantle our pumps from Evoguard? And above all: how do you re-assemble them without forgetting the proverbial screw or two at the end? Basically, of course, you can find instructions for almost anything on the internet – whether it’s make-up tutorials, Photoshop instructions, or advice on how to survive a shark attack. And now, most recently, tutorials from our subsidiary Evoguard as well, designed to assist with pump maintenance.

For our clients, you see, hard though it is to believe, this is usually even more relevant than instructions on how to survive a shark attack. The videos deal with the dismantling and assembly of a pump, and also with maintenance of the floating ring seal. “With the videos, we aim to show in parallel to the operating manual how quickly and easily the maintenance of the pumps functions, and what points have to be borne in mind,” explains Stephan Mannl, one of Evoguard’s experts.

When it comes to training and tutorials, of course, Evoguard is in regular contact with the Krones Academy: “We promptly pass on all the news that’s important for the Academy,” says Stephan Mannl. “This means all the training material is thoroughly up to date, and we always know what questions and answers are particularly relevant for our clients.”

And this close liaison seems to be paying off: “We’ve already received lots of encouraging feedback for our tutorial, which is why it won’t be the last one. And the clients really appreciate that maintenance videos like this are now accessibly available on the Krones YouTube channel.”