ErgoBloc L and cost-efficiency – inseparably linked

Cost economies and optimised functions have been built into all exhibits at the drinktec as standard features, and the ErgoBloc L is no exception to this. Dr. Markus Zölfl explains the approaches adopted for improved cost-efficiency in the ErgoBloc L.

20130920_drinktec_IP_ST_0001Dr. Zölfl, so how is the ErgoBloc L concept being received by our customers?

We premiered the concept at the 2009 drinktec, you know, and back then we did a lot of informational work. It was something completely new: integrating the labeller between the blow-moulding machine and the filler. With more than 50 systems on the market, we can now say that people have confidence in our technology. Today, four years later, in our conversations here on the stand at the fair, we address the everyday situations encountered in a beverage plant. The response here on the stand at the fair has ben very encouraging, and we’re seeing keen interest expressed from all continents.

You’ve got a display panel here with continuously changing numbers. What’s the background to this?

Since Monday 00:00, the counter has been running for a 36,000-bph ErgoBloc L. We compare these figures with a standard line for non-returnables that’s been operating for around 10 years. So you can quickly tell how much could be saved in terms of compressed-air consumption, water utilisation and, of course, preform and closure weights. By this Thursday (the fourth day of the fair) customers had already seen total savings of 27,880 euros. Extrapolated over the entire year, this adds up to potential savings of 1.8 million euros.

201309_drinktec_EXP1001_0007There’s one figure, of course, that leaps to the eye: why is the OEE so high? How can this be accomplished?

That’s precisely what the clients are asking us too when we look at the display. In the case of lines with frequent product change-overs, short change-over times are the paramount consideration. This is why we have provided a fast product change-over capability for the ErgoBloc L, in the shape of the LineXpress L. This is a fast, automated process, which reduces the previous change-over times of 30 to 45 minutes to about 10 minutes. The system computes the quantity remaining to be bottled, and matches the number of preforms, closures and labels required to the actual amount of product involved. We thus drastically reduce the amount of time needed for the change-over process, which enables us to reach this high OEE figure.

Such efficiency enhancements are conditional upon a state-of-the-art monobloc concept that’s been rigorously synergised, in which all the steps involved are smoothly intermeshed. Like the ErgoBloc L.