EM series: The beginning of a new labelling era

Regardless of whether it’s a cost-efficient specialist or a multi-flexible high-end variant: the newly developed EM series provides a suitable labelling machine for every application. It comprises three main machines, six table diameters, seven labelling station types and it offers numerous options for combining the individual elements with each other.

The technological front-runner here is the Ergomodul. It consists of a slim basic machine, around which the individual labelling stations are radially arranged. Because they are not permanently attached to the machine, but merely docked onto it, they can be replaced at need. So which labelling processes ultimately get used on a machine is left entirely to the client’s imagination, since the Ergomodul can be combined with all available station types. “A multi-talented miracle-worker,” says a rapturous Stefan Richter, Head of Inspection and Labelling Technology at Krones, in praise of his ultra-versatile all-rounder:

Herr Richter, was ist Ihrer Meinung nach der größte Pluspunkt der Ergomodul?

In an era of continual change, and incessantly transformed marketing requirements, flexibility is the be-all and end-all. No one knows how advertising and marketing are going to evolve in the near future. With the Ergomodul, bottlers are equipped to deal with all eventualities, because the machine is suitable for every mode of labelling, and is thus the ideal solution for everyone wishing to invest prudently for the future.

What options does the Ergomodul offer in terms of quality assurance?

Labellers are increasingly turning into inspectors as well – since after all, it has to be ensured that the right label has been applied to the right position. Cameras can also be integrated into the Ergomodul. Whether only the presence of the label or the logo, a barcode, or the presence of a date code is inspected as well, will depend entirely on the requirements of the client concerned. The big advantage compared with external inspection systems: we orientate the bottle precisely, which means the cameras can deliver perfect inspection results. So what the clients get from us is a holistically conceived solution that provides labelling, inspection and date-coding on a single machine as desired.

What target group is Krones addressing with the Ergomodul?

There are no restrictions here: for everyone prioritising modularity and flexibility, the Ergomodul is definitely the right choice, since the machine adapts itself to the customer’s requirements, not the other way round: it’s available in six different sizes, and the stations, too, can be purchased in two different variants. This means we have the optimum price-performance ratio for each and every application.

At a glance

  • Three main machines:
    • Columnless machine with exchangeable labelling stations
    • Columnless machine with fixed labelling stations
    • Table top machine
  • Labelling method and speed:
    • Pre-cut labels with cold glue up to 72,000 containers per hour
    • Pre-cut labels with hotmelt up to 72,000 containers per hour
    • Reel-fed labels with hotmelt up to 81,000 containers per hour
    • Self-adhesive reel-fed labels up to 60,000 containers per hour