Drawn. Printed. Folded. – Krones’ Headquarters Building

Tower Bridge in London, Florence Cathedral – and the plant of Krones AG in Neutraubling. That these were built by different architects is quite easy for even a layperson to recognise. Both the architectural styles, and the dates of construction are as different as chalk and cheese. So it’s all the more surprising that the three edifices nonetheless have something in common.

Which is that there are miniature models for all of them, all three crafted by the same person. From paper templates he himself has designed and printed, the artist has created structures that resemble the originals with astonishing fidelity. Why exactly has the Krones plant been chosen alongside world-famous historic buildings from London and Florence? The reason’s very simple: the creator of these models is a committed Krones employee, who designed this tribute to the firm’s headquarters in Neutraubling.

Bharat Sharma has been working for Krones since October 2012, and is part of the team at the Service Desk in Bangalore, India. From there, he assists staff at Krones’ international facilities in solving a highly disparate spectrum of technical problems. With his degree in computer science, Bharat Sharma has more specialised knowledge and computer expertise to draw upon than most of Krones’ staff. He really enjoys helping other people if they encounter a problem they cannot remedy themselves.


Bharat, KronsederBut much as he likes solving IT problems – in his leisure hours, the Krones employee devotes himself to quite a different field of endeavour: namely creativity. His choice of materials is as diverse as his motifs: Bharat folds entire sculptures and buildings from paper, draws portraits and objects, models polystyrene sculptures, shoots short animated films, and paints with Photoshop. He has already, for instance, folded the Krones logo from a sheet of paper, drawn a portrait of Volker Kronseder, and, of course, modelled the Krones building in Neutraubling.


Bharat sees creative work as important to his work/life balance – he enjoys fashioning something new, trying out alternative techniques, and experimenting with different materials. He’s also motivated by the desire to create something that he can ultimately show to friends and family. And Bharat Sharma had already given away some of his pencil portraits to their subject – for example, he personally presented his portrait of Volker Kronseder to the Executive Board Chairman when he met him on a visit to Krones AG in 2014.

So far, his creative work has been merely a hobby for his free time. However, if the opportunity comes along, the young engineer would definitely like to make something more of his artistic leanings. And until this all comes to fruition with the right exhibitions, Bharat is continuing to work enthusiastically on his Facebook Gallery. What’s more, he already has a new project in mind. After completing his miniature model of Krones AG’s Headquarters Building, he’s set himself to model the entire facility in Neutraubling. Now that’s something to look forward to!