Dramatic, gigantic, human


It’s dark, but you can still see that the sky is clouded over. Only the place where the scene is unrolling is brightly lit. The picture has something dramatic about it, something almost heroic.

But it’s also majestic: the sight of the huge storage tank being lowered to the ground, gleaming in the floodlights. There are people standing round it dressed in high-vis jackets and work clothes, keeping an attentive eye open. They make sure that the tank achieves a gentle landing. A perfect example of man-machine interaction.

And that’s precisely the theme common to all the pictures in the series. That’s why we’ve #MenschMaschine (ManMachine). Under this hashtag, we’ve for some time now been posting every Wednesday a picture that showcases both one of our machines and also at least one human being.

The title reminds you of something? Yes, that’s right, there was an album from Kraftwerk back in the 1970s, and that’s not entirely a coincidence; after all, this soundtrack also served as the inspiration for our series of pictures. And nevertheless, the man-machine idea is neither new, nor an invention of Kraftwerk. After all, Krones has always been about not only machines, but also people in general and staff in particular.

Where can the pictures be seen? Every Wednesday, on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter – and they’re all of them collected as well on our #MenschMaschine pinboard on Pinterest. There’s also a small selection of the pictures posted so far here. Not all of them as dramatic as the storage tank, but all of them something rather special.


So which one do you like best? And what machine should in your opinion most definitely be featured?