Downloading the “House of Krones”

Have you visited our Krones website recently? Since May, it’ been featuring a new, modern-day look. And now there’s a complementary addition to it: the House of Krones app.

Admittedly, you can’t use it to till fields or burst colourful bubbles – so for whiling away the time at the bus stop it perhaps wouldn’t be everybody’s first choice. But that’s not its primary purpose: the app serves as an information medium for all Krones’ products, organised to reflect the House of Krones.

This also explains the app’s name: it’s the digital mirror image of the real House of Krones and enables you to experience Krones’ product portfolio on smartphones and tablets. The application will have its first major outing at the drinktec, where it will be used as a central product portal. Both clients and visitors to the fair, as well as Krones’ own staff, will find in the app all the relevant contents for our products – during the drinktec, but also afterwards, and at upcoming fairs.

Yes, that’s right, the application will not be retired once the drinktec has ended on 15 September! Even after this landmark event has finished, the app will be continually updated and expanded still further. But there Sabine Kolbe-Weber, who’s responsible for it at Krones, is reluctant to reveal too much: “We’ve already had some ideas for a few possible developments, and we’ll be introducing them after the drinktec. But what can definitely be stated right now is, that the app will be supporting all trade fair activities in the future.”

For the drinktec, this is how the House of Krones app is actually used: it’s already available in all of the usual stores to download for iOS, Android and Windows – so anyone interest can click through the products in preparation for the fair. At our drinktec stand itself, the information system will then be running on numerous iPads and HD screens, so as to provide clients and staff with a compact overview of the exhibits – without you having to constantly switch between USB stick, the website, PowerPoint presentations and YouTube videos. And because our technologies are continually being design-enhanced, the e-paper, videos and animations are repeatedly revised and dynamically updated in the app – without you as the user having to do anything. And talking of videos: they’re also rather good for watching at the bus stop. 😉