“Don’t forget the hashtags!”

Any old day on Instagram, Twitter and Co.:

#GutenMorgen #Foodporn #instadaily #FeierabendBier #BSF

I don’t even know any more when precisely it began, the thing with the hashtags. At some point, my brain started to function only with hashtags. Looking back, I can only date the beginnings quite roughly. After I registered with Instagram, it must have gradually crept up on me. So it’s lost in the mists of time when I suddenly no longer had to express myself with just 140 characters, but with a picture of 20 different (precisely) hashtags.

#Krones #Beerlover #Craftbeer #Wineporn

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-08 um 14.47.32On Twitter, before Instagram, at most I used #Tatort occasionally as a private person, and at work perhaps #TGIF or a trade fair hashtag. Especially as then hardly any other channel was tweeting. At some trade fair hashtags, there was as much happening as on the main street of a Western town at High Noon. A bit of tumble-weed from Krones and nothing else. You could easily claim you were “dominating trade fair communication on Twitter”, not a difficult task when there was not really any communication taking place anyway. Meanwhile, though, things are different:

#Beerporn #Kronesag #BrauBeviale #Packexpo

Since Instagram and the introduction of hashtags on Facebook, contemplative hashtag searching and hashtagging dominate the research and post parts of my daily work. At the hashtags of the #BrauBeviale and the #Packexpo, there was plenty going on, I can tell you. We were able to generate stimulating communication on and about the Krones’ stand concerned with Instagram and Twitter. Visitors came to the stand via the hashtag, people met up and said goodbye again through a selfie with hashtag. Outside the trade fair environment, the search for the right hashtag is not always easy: “Filler” has always been a good keyword for us on the net. All well and good, but on Instagram, among 86,920 postings and all the botox and tattoo pictures, I can unfortunately find not a single filler. Where are they? What are the filler nerds searching for? What hashtags do we have to look for in order to find pictures on which beaming brewers or vintners are posing in front of our machines?

#Bottling #Beernerd #Brewing #Bottlingday

Ah, there we are! So that’s another four added to our imaginary hashtag list. This list is meanwhile quite a long one! At first, on Instagram, I was still surprised at posts featuring more hashtags than pictures. It was I who under posts with too many hashtags added a mocking comment with “#Hashtag”. Meanwhile, I call out urgently to the interns before they post anything: “But don’t forget the hashtags!” There they are, hand-picked, in the channels of Krones AG, every single one of them set with loving care and personally classified by us as helpful.


Now, of course, we’d be interested to know which hashtags out of #WineNerds, #Beerlovers and #Krones – Followers are really used and searched for. Have we overlooked anything? If you have any suggestions, just write them under “Comments”. We’re looking forward to reading them.

#FollowerPower #Danke #Interessant