Direct printing of superlative quality

At the drinktec 2013, Krones AG premiered the DecoType, a direct printing system for decorating plastic containers.

Krones has now proven that a process featuring DecoType meets the toughest of quality stipulations even in industrial applications – and this on both glass and plastic. With a laboratory machine – designed as a semi-automatic model – containers can be fed into as many as 21 stations, which print on four types of bottle simultaneously– both glass and PET – with different patterns. This means that up to 120 containers per hour can be handled manually.

Experience with the laboratory machine is directly transferable to the printing equipment for a fully automated line. One of these is at present already being field-tested at a speed of 12,000 containers per hour.

DecoType as a laboratory machine is an attractive option for all those clients who want to develop a new design for a product or test out the market for a particular product.

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