Die 6 lustigen Fünf: it all began at a beer-tasting

(Foto: Alena Siamionava)


Beer. Bread and cheese. Brass band music. Often that’s all you need to be happy, don’t you agree? The beer and the snack, that’s never a problem, but if you’re looking for really good, traditional brass band music, then things get a little more difficult. If you happen to be counted among all those who have long since abandoned this seemingly impossible search, I have some good news for you. Please don’t worry – it’s still around, that dyed-in-the-wool authentic Bavarian brass band music. Right here in beautiful Regensburg with a band called Die 6 lustigen Fünf.

“Six guys like the five of us – there aren’t another four to touch us, then we three are the only two.” Sounds a bit confusing, doesn’t it? Although, it’s not all that difficult to understand. For all of you who can’t fathom the intricacies of Bavarian humour, here’s a brief introduction to some musical merriment-makers who which definitely repays listening to.

The idea of founding a small “band” took shape back in 1996. And when do Bavarians get their most inspired brainwaves?! That’s right: over a huge mug of foaming beer. And that’s how it was for Daniel Reisinger and Bernhard Deml, the founding fathers of the band.

Still performing at lots of highly disparate festivities with a five-man line-up at first, the group has meanwhile grown to include four more members.

Slowly but surely, the band acquired an increasing female contingent as well. And over the course of time, it turned out that the spontaneous idea of the two beer-drinking Regensburger has been a definite triumph.

They have had quite a lot of success already, not only in Bavaria, with plenty of appearances on Bavarian radio and TV, and are audience favourites at the Regensburg Fair (Regensburger Bürgerfest), for example, and numerous beer festivals in the surrounding region … But you should definitely listen to them yourself – hearing is believing:



When it comes to good music and a decent pint of beer, I won’t say no, either. Ever since I’ve been playing in a band myself, I’ve been a fan of Bavarian brass band music. So I’m all the more delighted that I can popularise this predilection at Krones as well. 🙂