Datalog Dashboard: machine data always available at a glance!

It was unveiled at the end of March 2019! Our new feature, the “Datalog Dashboard”, went into live operation, and had been initially enabled for two pilot clients with Contiform stretch blow-moulding machines in China and France. But what’s so special about this new feature? In a nutshell: with the aid of the Datalog Dashboard you always stay on top of your specific machine data and error messages.

Provided the Datalog Dashboard has been enabled for the client in the, he can access it using the “My Account” section in the eShop. After uploading a Datalog Trend and Log file from the Krones machine, the associated Order Number has to be specified. The client can then select desired machine parameters and a time period that he wishes to examine in more detail. Here, he can also compare several different orders over defined time periods. The Datalog Dashboard automatically sorts the results into glanceable graphics and tables, which the client can then view using his shop access both on a desktop and a tablet or a smartphone. This summary can be exported at need as a PDF and printed out. This means time-consuming data acquisition in Excel is no longer necessary.

The Datalog Dashboard enables the client to understand better how his Krones machines function. Weak points and bottlenecks in the line are visible at a glance and can be selectively optimised. The Datalog Dashboard thus creates a decisive foundation for a continuous improvement process!

The original requirement for the Datalog Dashboard came from the Plastics Technology specialist department (Robert Aust, Ludovic Laine, Simon Fischer). My colleague from eCommerce, Jasmin Heindl, has headed the project in conjunction with the specialist department and our agency dotsource GmbH. “The integration of the Datalog Dashboard for selected clients in the is an important constituent of Krones’ digitalisation strategy. We want our clients in future to have a central platform giving them not only a particularly good purchasing experience when it comes to spare parts, but also a genuine added value by integrating performance- and profit-boosting features for their machinery.”

So what does the future hold?

A first step has already been taken – owners of a Krones Contiform machine (from the 2nd generation onwards) can utilise the Datalog Dashboard. So far, the Dashboard has been very well received by our pilot clients. Which is why we’re already working on a rollout for additional clients and different technology. What’s more, an interface for reading in the data is planned, so that the module can be connected up directly to the client’s machines.

Have we whetted your curiosity?

You can use the contact form to request further information on the Datalog Dashboard.  We will be gratified by your interest and pleased to answer any additional questions you may have.