Dairy competence at Krones

Experts on everything to do with the white gold 

Dairy products demand to be handled gently – which is precisely why the white gold plays a significant role throughout the entire Krones Group. Because Krones and its subsidiaries support dairy products from their origination and all components to final filling on lines specially designed for the dairy industry.

You can also entrust us your project execution and the after-sales service: MILKRON, our subsidiary is cooperating with real milk specialists who know the branch and of course its requirements just like the back of their hands.

Hermann Meyer is the Managing Director of Milkron and already has more than 30 years of experience behind him in the dairy industry.

Hermann Meyer, what products does Milkron offer its clients?

We support our clients when they modify or expand their production operations, or want to install entirely new lines. Together we develop customised solutions – from milk reception and product refinement all the way through to final filling. Our portfolio includes the engineering and design of the kit, including all components. We handle installation and commissioning of the automated lines. 

Milkron has been operating since August 2016 – starting off with just six staff. What staffing resources and additional competences have you brought on board since then?

Today, we have 25 people working here in Laatzen near Hannover. We have upgraded our corporate capabilities by hiring both experienced staff and newcomers in the fields of automation and engineering. The team also includes four site managers for electrical and mechanical installation. 

What does the collaboration between Milkron and Krones look like?

We utilise the synergies provided by the House of Krones: when it comes to factory planning and utilities and the units from the fields of soft drinks, dairy, water, we work closely together with Krones. But we also offer our clients solutions from other subsidiaries – meaning components from Evoguard and HST, or automation packages from Syskron.

How would you sum up your first year, and what are your plans for the future?

So far we have achieved all the goals we have set ourselves – and in some cases exceeded them: last year we carried out several minor projects in the category of modification and expansion, and in December we shall presumptively be bringing our first major product to a successful conclusion. And, of course, we aim to strengthen our presence on the market still further, and in future supply dairy firms all over the world as well.

For this purpose we need payroll upsizing. It is our aim to hire another ten staff by the end of 2018. And next year we plan to open a second office, this time in Hamburg.