Contiform AseptBloc: no compromises – whatever in terms of hygiene

Up to 144 hours of continuous operation in aseptic filling, i.e. six days on end: that signifies superlative cost-efficiency. But the Contiform AseptBloc on show at the drinktec impressed the experts with even more highlights. Dr. Sven Fischer from Krones AG spoke of huge interest and consistently approving feedback.

“The experts realised immediately that this is a holistically synergised concept, and that Krones has incorporated very many features that the industry has been pressing for.”

201309_drinktec_EXP1002_0034For the first time, the system ensures enclosed, aseptic treatment of the containers and the product, with integration of an aseptic blow module. Following preform decontamination with an H2O2 Asept module or alternatively the likewise new, physical PreBeam sterilisation process, the containers are aseptically blow-moulded, and then aseptically filled. Not only that, the compactly, dimensioned, operator-friendly system concept, in contrast to conventional aseptic filling processes, needs no sterile-water UHT or hygiene centre, and doesn’t consume any water in production mode. “It was immediately clear to the clients that we’ve not made any compromises whatever in terms of hygiene”, says Dr. Sven Fischer. “There was particularly keen interest in the system, of course, from the larger beverage producers, who have extensive validation reports and can see we’re able to implement this in full rigour. The lengthy production time, combined with just 2.5 hours of subsequent cleaning and sterilisation time, is unique in the industry, and assures our clients of maximised availability. That’s why the feedback from the visitors was exceptionally encouraging.”

“Our enviro programme has also been a major influence on these newly developed products. enviro compels our design people to rethink their approach: they have to continually question their own creations, and optimise them in terms of environmental impact and energy-economy. That’s why we keep coming up with ingenious solutions and why Krones will repeatedly launch good products on the market, like the Contiform AseptBloc”, is Dr. Sven Fischer’s firm conviction.