Contiform AseptBloc: ground-breaking advance in aseptic beverage filling

With the introduction of the Contiform AseptBloc with preform sterilisation, all of the modules on a beverage filling line are now aseptic. The novel concept of an aseptic blowing module creates the final link in the completely aseptic process flow from preform sterilisation to bottle capping.

Dr. Sven Fischer, Vice President Aseptic & Process Engineering R&D, talked to us prior to the drinktec about this exciting new development in aseptic technology.


Dr. Fischer, what makes the Contiform AseptBloc so special?

The Contiform AseptBloc with aseptic stretch blow moulder and preform sterilisation using hydrogen peroxide gas is the latest outcome of the ongoing fine tuning process for Krones aseptic lines. The next step is already in the pipeline, namely preform sterilisation in the Contiform AseptBloc without the use of chemicals.


Dr. Sven Fischer, Vice President Aseptic & Process Engineering R&D

Dr. Sven Fischer, Vice President Aseptic & Process Engineering R&D

Using physics, which is the ultimate future technology for filling products without chemicals and at the lowest TCO. It is essentially “plug and go” sterilisation.


What is the next-generation technology called?

PreBeam, which is preform sterilisation using accelerated electrons. Krones has been working on the development of e-beam technology for more than four years now. Based on our experience with preform sterilisation, we have been concentrating on PET containers. There is good reason why we are doing that. Because we use low-power electron accelerators, we are able to reduce costs and extend service life. Power consumption is also lower and the system takes up less space.


What is so special about this latest advance?

There is nothing comparable to PreBeam anywhere in the world because Krones can deliver the complete package. Up until now, customers had to source e-beam technology from one supplier and procure all of the stretch blowing moulding and filling equipment from a different supplier. In addition compared to existing e-beam technologies, PreBeam has excellent material compatibility. We use relatively slow electrons which only penetrate into the surface of the preforms. This design has the additional advantage that no lead is needed for the shielding.

What do the customers think?

Our customers are very enthusiastic about Contiform AseptBloc and PreBeam and they want to start using the new technology as soon as possible. Some customers see it as evidence that we have listened to them and that we have worked together as a team over a long period. This is a great complement which makes us very proud. Teamwork between Krones and our customers provides the only truly effective route to revolutionary breakthroughs.