#Contiflow: always the perfect mixture

What type of cocktail mixer are you exactly? One who blends all the ingredients by eye, or one who works with a thimble measure and a jigger for maximised precision? Be that as it may – when later on in the evening you try to reproduce precisely the same mixture as before, then – I would venture to bet – you probably won’t succeed. Because high-accuracy mixing is a science – one that our #Contiflow mixer has mastered to perfection.

However, before we go any further, I have to disappoint you: for your next cocktail carousal, the Contiflow is not the right party gimmick. This is because it specialises in blending ready-to-drink beverages – and for this reason, it’s used at soft-drinks producers all over the world. Soft drinks, both still and carbonated, plus beer-based mixed drinks and slightly carbonated fruit-juice-based mixed beverages, aromatised waters, cider or alcopops – these are the mixer’s specialities: it ensures a perfect mixing ratio for up to ten liquid and two gaseous dosing components.

Deaerating, dosing and carbonating

The Contiflow comprises a total of three different modules:

  • During deaeration, the water first of all has its unwanted gases removed – an operation that creates optimum preconditions for the filling process and the product itself: this is because it prevents both foaming and oxidative reactions in the beverage, while assuring a stable appearance of the beverage inside the bottle.
  • High-accuracy dosing puts the flavour in the water – in precisely the quantity required: the mass flow meter is responsible for ensuring that in the end the product tastes exactly the way you had imagined: it acquires the Brix value of the syrup and thus controls the mixing ratio. The Contiflow doses the valuable syrup more accurately than any other mixer on the market.
  • To transform a lemon-flavoured water into a refreshing lemonade, the beverage is now carbonated, by having carbon dioxide added to it. In order to achieve an optimum level of quality, the product is homogenised several times: in the syrup dosing unit, but above all when the product flows into the carbonating tank, during circulated carbonation, and at the tank’s outlet.

The Contiflow would not be a Krones machine if the keyword of “flexibility” were not perfectly apposite: if you need only one or two out of the three modules available (deaerating, dosing and carbonating), this is also an option, thanks to the unit’s modularised construction.

Once the product has been completely mixed, it’s passed directly to the filler, though an inline check for Brix and CO2 content is performed beforehand. To avoid overproduction, the product speed of the mixer is ideally matched to that of the filler – without any impairment of accuracy and without any product losses due to stop-and-go operation.

#GermanBlingBling – the Contiflow is quite rightly a member of our advertising campaign; not least thanks to the numerous gleaming pipes through which first water flows, then the sugared beverage, and last of all the finished soft drink. And if we’ve now whetted your curiosity as to how our mixers perform at our clients’ facilities, then just run a search for #Contiflow on Instagram, Facebook and Co.