Contact Nr. 1: Trainee at Fair 2015

After gaining an initial impression of our stand at the BrauBeviale on Monday, yesterday the real action commenced. From 8 o’clock in the morning onwards, the first Krones staff began to arrive, all of them elegantly attired in suits and ties. So we trainees in our green T-shirts rather stood out. Before the fair began, we (Maria and Veronika) then distributed to the stand personnel a list of all our exhibits, summarising the most important key data on the machines concerned.

During the whole, day, we then alternated at the information desk, which is the first port of call for all visitors. The girls there are responsible for welcoming visitors and putting them in touch with the right people – for visitors from all over the world. It’s still noticeable that the Brau is primarily of interest to regional visitors, but nonetheless it’s also being attended by progressively more international guests, who then, of course, are also looked after by us. As euro-clerks, of course, it’s particularly exciting to be able to use our language skills in actual practice. As the initial point of contact, you’re then responsible for all kinds of different questions. This means everything from looking for the right contact person to providing the WLAN password – because without internet access, of course, you’re pretty well incapacitated at the fair.

When we’re not helping out at the information desk, we’re supplying our stand with giveaways. This year, the big hit is the Krones Advent calendars, which are hugely popular with our visitors. We had already, of course, had an opportunity to look at the other stands at the fair. What have we noticed particularly? Not least that the Krones stand is exceptionally eye-catching for its very size alone.

Today and tomorrow there are two more days of the fair, on which we shall not least be providing support at the information desk – and without a doubt have quite a few more exciting experiences ahead of us.