Configure your machine online!

In May 2018, the celebrated a premiere with the ErgoBloc LC KT (consisting of stretch blow-moulding machine, labeller and filler): for the first time, there was an option for formulating an inquiry covering a complete new Krones machine on the online platform.

Since then, the client can conceive the system he wants quite easily from his desk, and then send his inquiry to Krones Sales with a single mouse-click. This function can currently be used by our Chinese clients.

And quite a lot’s been happening in the meantime! The ErgoBloc LC KT has been followed by the Contiflow Configurator. Since October of last year, our European clients have been able to themselves configure the Contiflow 15, 30 and 45 to suit their wishes using only a few mouse-clicks.

Meanwhile there are already three more Krones machines for which clients in various regions can submit inquiries and purchase orders through our platform: the Variopac Pro FS (Europe), the Pressant Universal (China) and the Craftmate (USA).

The process involved is always the same: following successful configuration with information on the price, the present or prospective client initiates a non-binding inquiry to Krones. This is forwarded immediately to our internal product specialists and sales people, and processed. Within a mere 24 hours, they will then get in touch with the client concerned and clarify individual requirements by email or telephone.

Expert status in packaging technology

With more than 500 Pressant Universal machines built, and over 2,000 Variopac Pro FS packers, Krones can draw upon a vast fund of corporate competence in the field of packaging technology. Continual design enhancement, coupled with the experience gained from our installations at clients’ facilities, guarantee optimum performance values in terms of energy-efficiency and resource-economy, plus future-compatibility thanks to retrofit solutions.

The Pressant Universal container sweep-off depalletiser provides clients with dependable, gentle handling of new containers. The machine operates with servo-drive technology, and can in its movement sequences accordingly be adjusted to a high degree of accuracy to suit the depalletising task involved. The Pressant Universal can be configured in the in two different output gradations: with a low rating of 270 layers/hour and a high rating of up to 310 layers/hour.

The fully automatic Variopac Pro FS packer, by contrast, covers numerous packing modes: pads, trays or wrap-around cartons, with, without or also “just” in film – the Variopac adapts effortlessly to all packaging trends and is basically available for ratings of between 30 and 150 cycles per minute.

Configurator for craft-beer canners

For some days now, there’s been another member of the configurator family: the Craftmate. It’s ideally suited for filling cans with craft beer, since the Krones can filler is the predestined expert for the low output range. Even small production quantities from 12,000 containers per hour are canned dependably. And the client enjoys double flexibility: the omni-capable machine handles different can sizes and formats, and also masters both beer and carbonated beverages. The configurator now enables small brewers, in particular, who are interested in buying their first Krones filler, to obtain even more detailed information online – and get an initial guideline price straight away.

So what does the future hold in store?

Driven by the B2C sector, expectations in terms of enhanced customising for online purchases will continue to rise in B2B as well. Which is why the world of configurators in the will continue to grow in future. Further configurators for Krones’ huge product range are being planned. So there’s plenty of excitement ahead!

You’d like to know more?

Then feel free to take a look at our three new configurators for Variopac, Pressant Universal and Craftmate.