Competence online: a social-media crash course


“The red P’s always there in the search results” 

“Xing? I think I’ve heard that somewhere” 

“Are you allowed to post things like that in the first place?”


Three of the comments I’ve heard regularly from trainees over recent weeks – sometimes addressed to me directly, but occasionally rather something whispered to the student sitting next to them.

And it’s precisely remarks like this that the Media Competence training course, which we’ve been offering in our training centre over recent weeks, is designed to address and answer. Because let’s face it: how skilled are our trainees as “digital natives” in reality when dealing with the social media? Are they fully aware both of the possible risks involved and also of the utilisation potentials provided? And how much is a member of the Krones staff actually permitted to tell the world about his/her work?

These and more questions are the crucial contents of the course. Needless to say, the knowledge communicated is in fact focused on contents of relevance to Krones: utilising the channels during working hours, protection of intra-company data, sensitivity of customer data, etc. What’s more, we’re keen to show the trainees an overview of the channels on which Krones AG is active – and why. And there may be the odd channel or two that are perhaps less well known. One girl doing an industrial-clerk traineeship, for example, thought the “initial assessment of the social media platforms was […] helpful”, especially as she “herself didn’t know many of them”. It is true that Xing, for instance, is not a complete unknown for most of our trainees but they are nonetheless not really aware of this network’s full potential – at least so far. There is, however, a genuine social-media star for the trainees: more than half of them are active on Snapchat, in some cases even excessively so. And those not using it do at the very least know about it.

Other course contents, in their turn, have less specific bearing on Krones and on training as such. Respectful behaviour on the net, for example, is a value that we definitely want to inculcate in our trainees, quite irrespective of their career trajectory. Similar considerations apply, for instance, where the protection of people’s private lives, the suitability of content for publication, and the validity of statute law on the net are concerned. So what the event also aims for is quite generally to heighten awareness levels for the subject of social media as such, plus also pointing out both their potentials and their risks.

In addition to all this, the event also, of course, provides space for questions, for examples and for face-to-face talks between trainees and instructors. This is why group sizes have been kept rather small, with approximately 20 trainees per session – so it will take quite some time until all of them will actually have participated. But now that the courses for all trainees in their first year have been successfully completed, the dates for courses for the trainees from our other facilities have meanwhile been scheduled for the summer. And in September, the courses will go into Round Two with Krones’ new trainees.


You’re not one of Krones’ trainees but nonetheless have one or two questions relating to the social media? We shall still be trying to answer you as best we can. So feel free to write a comment, a message or an email to