Compact-size glass filler Craftmate G for beer and CSDs

At the BrauBeviale 2019, Krones is presenting the latest addition to Krones’ family of fillers: Craftmate G, a compact-size glass filler for beer and CSDs.

Its non-identical twin is the Craftmate C, the small can filler that’s proved highly successful on the market since 2015. The Craftmate G, by contrast, as the abbreviation “G” already suggests, handles glass bottles. In technological terms, it resembles its big siblings in the Modulfill series: for instance, like the field-proven HRS system, it features a vent tube in the filling process, and it can be combined with up to two closers for crowns, screw-caps or aluminium roll-on closures. This provides brewers with the flexibility they need to handle not only beer, but CSDs as well.

As much as necessary, as little as possible

In order to keep the Craftmate G nonetheless as compactly dimensioned as possible, it differs in some points from the machines of the Modulfill family: The filler’s front table is self-draining and the machine’s guard is installed directly at the table. Furthermore, the control cabinet, valve rack and vacuum pump are grouped together in a single module, permanently attached to the machine. Though necessary gush-type jetting systems are integrated, exterior cleaning of the machine is performed manually.

In addition, there is an option for the client to provide certain components of the Modulfill, such as the freestanding bottle shower and the modularised vacuum pump cooling system.

When it comes to output, the new Craftmate G, with its two pitch circle diameters of 1,440 and 1,800 millimetres, covers ratings of up to 24,000 containers per hour and can also be integrated in existing lines. That’s why it is ideally suited for small and mid-tier breweries, which due to their production environment wish to opt for a compactly dimensioned and above all top-quality filler solution from Krones.