“Cinema tokens for the inner-city cinemas …”

… that’s the wish I shall be making come true for a child under the aegis of this year’s Krones Christmas initiative. This enables you to fetch a wish slip from a Christmas tree in Krones’ reception hall, so as then to buy the specified present for a child who would otherwise not get anything. One of my colleagues kindly took a wish slip from the Christmas tree and brought it to my desk. I wanted it to be a surprise what Christmas present I was tasked with procuring for a good cause.



Since I was born in Straubing, the term “cinema token” didn’t mean anything to me at first. But after talking to my colleagues I learned that these “cinema tokens” can be compared with a conventional voucher in paper form, except that they come in the form of a golden coin (see picture) and its possessor can exchange it for a visit to one of the numerous inner-city cinemas in Regensburg. These include the Garbo or the Cinema at the East Gate, for example.


I myself have to admit that so far I’ve only been to what’s probably the best-known cinema in Regensburg (the one next to the Arcades J) – but now I’m resolved to try out the many other cinemas in future that the city of Regensburg has to offer.

One thing’s quite certain, though: next year, too, I shall be playing my part again in Krones’ Christmas initiative. What I particularly liked about it was that a couple of days later there were only a very few wish slips left on the tree in the reception hall. Which goes to show that this initiative (as in recent years too) is being well received and that many of our colleagues have taken it enthusiastically on board. This means that all the kids will see their Christmas wishes come true.

My colleagues and I wish all of you a serene and mindful Advent!