Challenge met and mastered: the Krones Experts’ Lounge

This morning saw the last day dawning at the Anuga FoodTec, and thus in the Krones Experts’ Lounge as well. But before the exhibitors and guests set off for home, a final walk to the Krones Experts’ Lounge was legwork well spent. Because here you were rewarded by a presentation spotlighting a new, revolutionary filling valve component.


This morning, Florian Angerer showcased for a trade audience the Proportional Flow Regulator (PFR) and its performative capabilities – and these are remarkable, because for firms making difficult-to-fill products, or products with highly disparate characteristics, particularly, Krones AG is opening new doors with the PFR. Products that aren’t easy to fill? Well, the first one that springs to mind is vinegar – its high acid content and its propensity for vigorous foaming make it a tough challenge for bottlers. And it’s precisely this challenge that the Dutch vinegar bottler Burg Groep, for example, took on in conjunction with Krones. In the firm’s Dutch plant, the PFR is successfully demonstrating how it handles foaming by regulating the flow velocity. Note that there are no longer just two fixed velocities as is the case with conventional valves, but innumerable stepless intermediate velocities. An electric motor matches the velocity perfectly to factors like the bottle shape or the foaming, which means the PFR valve can save time when filling each individual bottle. Florian Angerer also emphasised the components’ compatibility: a combination with different filling valves, an inductive flow meter, or a weighing cell is no problem at all, nor is integration into a filling system already in place. In conclusion, he summarised the specific advantages of the PFR again, also stressing the system’s minimised maintenance outlay, its high levels of dependability, and its energy-saving effect.


So now we say farewell to the Krones Experts’ Lounge, with thanks going to all guests, speakers and readers.

As always, today’s presentation can be found on the fair’s website.