Better under pressure: the Krones Experts’ Lounge

With a new image and abundant innovations to a shared success. That’s the motto for the Anuga FoodTec. Because there Krones AG will for the first time be showcasing its corporate capabilities in conjunction with HST, one of the newest members in the Krones Group. At its facility in Dassow, HST Maschinenbau GmbH produces homogenisers and piston pumps, thus complementing Krones’ own process technology. As the firm’s Managing Directors, Torsten Kaben and Michael Penz are definitely the right persons to talk to when it comes to HST’s product portfolio. Which is precisely why they will also be spotlighting the firm’s homogenisers in the Krones Experts’ Lounge as well.

Torsten Kaben graduated from Lübeck University, then swiftly discovered his interest in homogenisers, and transferred his professional focus to this specialism. With several years of experience,  he’s now been with HST Maschinenbau GmbH since 2006. Besides his position as Managing Director, he is also responsible for HST’s autonomous sales operations.

Michael Penz has a similar professional background. During his studies of mechanical engineering and business economics, he already started working in the field of homogenisers. In 2000, he was one of the founders of HST Maschinenbau GmbH, which since the end of March 2014 has been part of the Krones Group as an autonomous subsidiary. Together with Torsten Kaben, Michael Penz forms the management.

On the component-themed day of the Krones Experts’ Lounge, they both will, as experts on homogenisers, be providing an overview of HST’s product portfolio, and explaining the special technical features involved. As an exhibit, they will be showcasing the new HST homogeniser, which processes juice- and milk-based mixed beverages at a pressure of up to 200 bar. The overarching theme here is the challenge of stabilising and improving fruit juices, dairy products and other liquid foods, while extending their shelf-lives.

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