Andreas Schröfl

Project Management brewery and plants projects

Andreas Schröfl is as Head of Project Management for Asia Pacific/China/Africa BL "Plants" responsible for smooth completion of brewery and plants projects in these regions . After an apprenticeship as a brewer and malter, he obtained an engineering degree, majoring in brewing studies and beverage technology, at Munich/Weihenstephan University of Applied Science. He then worked as a commissioning engineer at Anton-Steinecker-Maschinenfabrik and as a brewmaster in a mid-tier Bavarian brewery. In 2008, he joined Krones AG in Project Management.

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Murder in the brewhouse

Murder in the brewhouse

Hi, everyone! In my first blog posting, I should like to briefly introduce my book, the beer-themed detective story “Brauerehre” (Brewer’s Honour”), and (even more briefly) myself. My name is…

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