At home the whole world over

Krones’ machines and lines are true globe-trotters – up and running at companies all over the planet – even in the Himalayas, on the Fiji Islands and in the Arctic. In all, we supply our kit to 190 of the world’s nations – and wherever Krones’ machines are operating, our staff are never far away, of course.

In recent years, Krones has successively expanded its global presence, so as to supply all its lines around the globe as promptly as possible with manpower and parts at need. Our clients are just as pleased about this as our more than 14,000 staff: the former because it means they know Krones is always close to hand, and the latter because the whole world stands open for their career advancement.

Postings abroad – a natural stage in a career trajectory

Exchanging soundly based specialist knowledge, progressing personal and professional development in an international environment, filling key positions abroad, or also setting up new structures and processes: there are plenty of reasons for posting staff to other countries – and even more fruitful experiences.

In order to share these with us, three of Krones’ people reveal how they fared during their posting abroad, and whether they would venture to do it again:

Johannes Templer, in Australia at Krones Pacific for ten months:

“I’m a project officer in the International Sales Organisation. Admittedly: a pretty good position for quickly latching onto news on an international level. As was the case about eighteen months ago, when we heard Krones was going to set up a new subsidiary in Australia and New Zealand – tasked primarily with supporting our clients in the Pacific region. Wanted: a central contact person on the spot to assist the two subsidiaries in putting fundamental Krones structures in place. So I applied.

In Australia, I was involved right from the start: in setting up an IT infrastructure, introducing and coordinating SAP processes, all the way through to support for putting human resource structures in place – my remit covered all of these things. And because some of the issues were new to me as well, I was continually in contact with lots of different colleagues in Germany in order to finalise the new structures and processes involved.

It was precisely here that I encountered my biggest challenge – my German colleagues started their day’s work when we were just about to go home for the evening. So careful planning was needed, and the ability to think at least three moves ahead if at all possible.

In February of this year, I returned to Germany. This is my verdict: the time spent in our Australian subsidiary expanded my horizons enormously, and thus significantly improved our international communication. Would I go abroad again? Most definitely yes – I don’t mind where.”

Shashank Muralidhar, at Krones AG in Neutraubling, Germany, for 12 months:

“I’ve currently been posted to Germany for a total of twelve months. My remit here, as is the case at Krones India too, resembles an interior decorator’s – I calculate, measure, design layouts, and generally ensure that ultimately the Krones lines fit neatly into the clients’ available area as space-savingly as possible. This means I’m responsible as a line designer for all clients from the Indian region. Since I’m handling my familiar remit here as well, I was able to skip the initial familiarisation time, and get stuck into the ongoing projects and work processes immediately.

My goal for the time in Germany is to improve my technical knowledge and to familiarise myself even more thoroughly with the technology of our machines. During my time at Krones’ AG’s head office in Neutraubling, I’m acquiring synergised insights into proven strategies and processes, some of which are still in the development phase at Krones India. Once I’m back home in my own subsidiary, I’ll then be able to pass on the know-how I’ve acquired to my colleagues, and thus bring the competence of my department up to an even higher level.

This is not my first visit – I had already been to Krones in Germany six times on business trips. And besides my everyday work, there were quite a few new experiences waiting for me.” 

Marco Gradl, at Krones Co., Ltd., Thailand, for five years

“Before the posting, I worked for Krones in the field as a service technician, and wasn’t at home very much. So I was primarily attracted by the job description at Krones Thailand: as a specialist for installation and commissioning jobs I provided technical support for our clients directly from my office – which reduced the necessity for business trips, enabling me to spend more time with my family.

The fact that my wife is Thai made the decision even simpler. So together with our children we lived in Thailand for five years in all. After a five-year posting, we moved back to Germany, where Krones also assisted us in settling into a new everyday routine.

Here, too, I’m now working in the service expert team, and solving our clients’ problems to the best of my ability. During my time in Thailand, I got to know plenty of new colleagues, which makes my work a whole lot simpler now as well. Above all, though, I gained a new, important perspective: I’m now familiar with both sides of the service operation, and know both what my colleagues out in the field need and also what information in its turn has to be communicated to technical support in the back office, so as to assure ideal collaboration.

And in fact I wasn’t the only one to benefit from this experience: our children, too, profited quite a bit from this posting, and are now growing up as trilingual kids speaking German, Thai and English.”