Assistant – making coffee is so yesterday

Hello! My name is Silke Riedl and I work as an assistant to the Head of Information Management. Yes, that’s right, an assistant – and no, I can’t remember the last time I made coffee for my boss, if that was one of the first things you thought of. In actual fact, he’s quite capable of pressing the button on the coffee machine all by himself.

I would like to use my first blog article to outline my remit as an assistant and to introduce my team to you. We have a unique constellation in Information Management at Krones, you see – an assistance team for the management. The normal arrangement is for each member of the upper and middle management to have his or her own personal assistant. We have deliberately chosen not to adopt this system. In our case, all three assistants are assigned to the topmost level. But this doesn’t mean that all three of us work only for the Head of Information Management, Holger Blumberg. On the contrary, we have both one-to-one allocations to the managers on the levels below, and also our own designated specialisms.

My colleague Roswitha Hölzl, for instance, is the main contact person for all tasks relating to identity access management. This is a very broad remit, which includes handling equipment and software purchase orders for our colleagues or procuring authorisations for file systems or SAP roles. Plus requesting user master data for the consultants deployed in our sphere of operations, including all the requisite authorisations.

My second colleague, Anita Wagner is responsible for the seminar registrations and all the travel bookings for our staff. If, for example, one of our colleagues needs to be registered for a one-week seminar, then Anita arranges the seminar booking, the appropriate transportation and hotel accommodation, plus the subsequent travel expenses accounting. She also organises the IT Conference, held every two years, with participants from our subsidiaries all over the world.

I am responsible for Holger Blumberg, and for the Head of IM Global Infrastructure, Josef Kammermeier. This means I manage the daily agenda for both of them, look after the appointment diary, process emails and make phone calls. My remit also includes organising events with outside participants, where Information Management functions as the host. My principal focus is on the fields of human resources, purchasing and finance. What exactly does this mean? I also coordinate the goal agreement process – formulate, review, evaluate – or requesting new staff in the context of human resources planning. My job likewise involves issuing requisitions for hardware, software or service support, as well as helping with budget planning and monitoring.

Since we’re all operating in the same job environment, we can deputise for each other at any time. We synergise all our individual competences for the good of the team, and thanks to our specialist capabilities we can ensure optimal support for the management and our colleagues. But what’s most important in this context is that we all get on very well with each other and there’s plenty of mutual respect – which is precisely why we’re so successful as a team.

I hope I’ve managed to give you some illuminating insights into the daily job of an assistant, and now I’ll go and fetch a cup of coffee – for myself.😉