All roads lead to Neutraubling


“All roads lead to…” Stop right there, not to Rome, but to Neutraubling! Indeed, to Krones AG. You may be wondering now what I think I’m doing when I presumptuously misappropriate this classical allusion. Don’t worry, I have no intention of challenging the status of the “Eternal City”. The reason for this (let’s call it) “re-interpretation” is entirely harmless: after in the run-up to my internship I had already started thinking abut how I was going to get to work every day over the next six months, I was curious to see how the Kronese in general manage this every morning. And there are some highly disparate options, I discovered …


Irrespective of whether you’re coming from the direct vicinity of Regensburg, from Nuremberg or Straubing, the train has become an attractive means of transportation for some of my colleagues. The car doesn’t always have to be Option Number One. After my first week at work, I had already realised that – especially after three times in succession I was privileged to spend an hour or two of my precious free after-work time on the autobahn, which is just as congested in the afternoons. So since then I’ve been numbered among the train passengers, and so far I’ve been “sitting pretty”. 🙂 But what use are even the best of train connections when your onward connection to your final destination is unfavourable? Now Krones has recently acquired a station of its own, but it’s not designed for handling passengers. So for a long time the final section of the daily commute was a relatively laborious undertaking, as several of my colleagues confirmed to me. Since mid-December of last year, though, the situation has been remedied, thanks to the new RVV bus route (Line 78). The route involved is a bus link provided specially for staff at Krones AG and BMW AG, which starts from Regensburg-Burgweinting Station. From there, the route continues towards the BMW plant in Herbert-Quandt-Allee, Neutraubling Pommernstrasse and onwards to Zwickauer Strasse, where Krones AG is located. The new bus route is perfectly coordinated with the agilis timetable, so long waiting times are a thing of the past. Which is very convenient for the other train passengers and me, of course. At any rate, the buses are always quite full, and it’s plain to see that my colleagues on the train appreciate this service, and are keen to use the new bus links.

And let’s be honest about it: it’s hard to beat a good book, your favourite playlist or simply a short siesta on the way home following a hard day at work, isn’t it? 🙂

Car, train, bus – these are the less effortful options available for getting to work. Not everybody’s cup of tea –some people like things to be a bit more active! And precisely for those who early in the morning want to miss no opportunity to raise their fitness levels, there’s this ingenious invention on two wheels. And so every morning a host of cyclists converge on the facility from different directions. From Regensburg, Prüfening, Lappersdorf, Burgweinting or Mintraching all the way to Neutraubling. Mornings and evenings, five times a week – Krones goes fit! Some of our people cycle the entire journey very day. For others, the bike is waiting at Burgweinting or Obertraubling Station, and from there they pedal energetically onwards to Krones AG. Veritable fitness fanatics, my colleagues here at Krones! Another important advantage of cycling, by the way, is that you can park directly in front of the office, which means that every morning you save when seems like two kilometres on foot plus a scramble for a space in the car park! 🙂


So by now it’s clear enough that there are some highly disparate options for Krones staff to get to their workplace. And between car, train, bicycle and perhaps even skates, or on foot, there’s plenty of choice for everyone. So after all not “all roads lead to Rome”, lots of them also lead to Neutraubling.


Do you perhaps have any other options for getting to work? Then we’re looking forward to reading your stories! 🙂