Academy’s programme 2014 – Competence is paramount

Fresh off the printing press: the Academy’s programme for 2014 is now available. At the drinktec, the team from the Krones Academy is showcasing new focuses in the array of courses on offer.

Not only does the new programme include courses on the Aseptic Bloc Supervisor and options for process technicians to qualify as operators for the Twin Flow System, the Academy’s experts also offer support in choosing the right training measures. “With these assessments, we help our clients to find the most appropriate advanced training courses for their workforce. Here, we have a comprehensive catalogue of basic criteria designed to identify the individual levels of knowledge among the staff beforehand. This makes it easier for our clients to decide which courses are optimally suited to which employees”, explains Andreas Walter, who’s responsible at the Academy for the wet-end courses.


Competence management is the magic word that’s gaining steadily in perceived importance for many beverage producers. Where do we start? What foundations can we build on? These are the questions that we answer in conjunction with the client. Large beverage facilities, in particular, can thus acquire a swift overview of where their individual employees need further training. “What’s more”, says Andreas Walter, “the clients then conduct in-house coaching with well-versed staff and less experienced operators, and can factor this into the shift planning, for example.” Transferring these assessment activities step by step to the client assists him in establishing a competence management capability in his own beverage plant.

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For its courses on the “Magic Three”, too, the Krones Automation Concept, the Krones Academy starts with assessment of the automation personnel. To quote Markus Wilhelm, the specialist for the automation programme: “A free-of-charge self-assessment test for possible course participants gives us clear indications of the knowledge they actually possess. Depending on the score achieved, we can then select the appropriate course modules for them.” At the drinktec, the Academy’s specialists are showcasing the assessment test in a demonstration model.