A turbocharged personal maturation process

There’s nothing nicer than beginning something new when you’ve previously completed something successfully. As 19 trainees can confirm who have just passed the first stage of their Profile 21 course, and have been rewarded with a craft proficiency certificate. And fresh challenges are already waiting for the newly confirmed electronic specialists in industrial engineering: acquiring further qualifications as a technician and finally as a service technician, exciting trips abroad in field service operations, getting to know new colleagues and clients.

Or, as Herbert Obermüller, Head of Central On-Site Erection, put it when awarding the certificates: the youngsters are in for a turbocharged personal maturation process. The three trainees Hannes Krieger, Christian Moser and Thomas Sigler report on their experiences so far, on the highlights and challenges in their Profile 21 course.

 1. What do you rate as the highlight of your course?

Profil21Hannes: For me, it was the time I spent in England. In the second year of my course I was there for three weeks, and that’s really what our training’s all about – getting to go abroad!

Christian: For me, the highlight of my training was the language school in the first year of the course, where in small groups we were taught English by native speakers.

Thomas: I liked the fireside evening best. This was an introductory get-together where the entire group got to know each other. But there was also an opportunity to talk to managers and members of the Executive Board.

 2. What has been the biggest challenge so far in your training – and how did you cope with it?

Hannes: The biggest challenge was to balance leisure time, career and engineering college to optimum effect without my performance suffering. You need a lot of ambition and determination to manage this.

3. Whey you think back: what expectations did you have for your training? Looking back, have your expectations been met?

Hannes: I expected my training to be diverse and multifaceted. These expectations have certainly been met.

Christian: I had similar expectations. And they’ve been met as well!

Thomas: I expected a broadly diversified training course in which within a minimised timeframe you gain lots of qualifications that are important to dealing properly with the machines and also the clients as a service fitter. This was most definitely the case.

 4. What did you learn the most from during your training?

Profil21Hannes: What I remember best is the on-site erection jobs. That’s where I learned the most: I got to know lots of interesting people, and heard plenty of different stories, What’s more, it makes you more self-reliant.

Christian: For me, it was the Timmy course, where we were familiarised with what’s called the “Krones Service Code”, and were trained on how to deal with clients.

Thomas: That’s right, I often think back to this part of the course as well. There, we also learned how to deal with difficult situations, and how to behave if challenges should arise at the client’s facility.

 5. When you think about the next phase of your training,: what are you looking forward to most?

Christian: To postings all over the world!

6. What tip would you pass on to other young people who are thinking about a Profile 21 course?

Thomas: Seize this opportunity! The course offers lots of options for the future, and gives you an opportunity to gain experience – one that won’t be recurring all that often.