A team of many talents: Trainee at Fair 2015


We are Jessy and Alex, and we’d like to briefly introduce ourselves.

My name’s Jessy, I’m 21 years old, and in September 2014 I began my training to qualify as an electronics technician? for industrial engineering with Profile 21.

Even when I was a child, I liked helping my father with do-it-yourself activities. I helped him repair electronic devices, fit ceiling lights, and install new wiring. So I was clear in my mind that later on I was going to pursue a technical career. Why I opted for the Profile 21 training model is easily explained as well: the opportunity to qualify as both an electronics for industrial engineering and then as a mechatronics technician in just 4 ½ years – that’s what attracted me. In the future I will thus be deployed as a fitter all over the world, and install, commission and maintain machines from Krones AG. Profile 21 offers an opportunity to combine a love of travel with a career, and to encounter new people, new ways of working, and different cultures. What’s more, being out in the field is brilliant for building team spirit; after all, you’re often spending lengthy periods with the same colleagues in a foreign country.

I shall soon be able to gain my initial experiences on a business trip, when I go to the BrauBeviale with Alex as “Trainee at Fair”.


Alex, that’s me: 18 years old and in my third year of training to qualify as a foreign-language industrial clerk.

Following an internship in the commercial departments at Krones AG, I was clear in my mind that this was where I wanted to do my training. Another reason, too, was that I want to immerse myself more thoroughly in a foreign language, for which this internationally operating company offers optimum preconditions. Since you’re posted to many different parts of the company during your training, you get to be a genuine all-rounder with time. During your training, for instance, you acquire knowledge in many different fields, ranging from sales and purchasing to human resources management. What’s more, you can use and continually improve your knowledge of English in contact with clients or subsidiaries all over the world. In a telephone call with an English-speaking vendor, I can not only demonstrate my language skills, I also have an eye on both of my computer screens simultaneously – that’s where the qualities of a versatile all-rounder come into their own.

These are precisely the situations that attract me. And my talent for organisation, too, which often helps me in my private life, turns out to be useful at the workplace as well. I should like to contribute both these qualities when the time comes round in November to set off for the BrauBeviale 2015.


Then as the “Team Vertrieb”, the two of us will be gaining our initial experiences of a trade fair, and seeing how we can contribute with our knowledge and our abilities: whether as organisers, multi-talents or discoverers. During the run-up to the fair, we shall already be keeping you up to date, and reporting on what we learn about our sales people’s work during the preparatory phase.