A student traineeship, four siblings and a whole lot of confusion for their colleagues

I can still remember my first workday in Corporate Communications at Krones as if it were yesterday. “You’re Senny’s sister, aren’t you? But you don’t look at all alike,” is what all my colleagues said. Because I “inherited”, so to speak, my sister’s student traineeship at Creations. Meanwhile I’ve been working at Krones AG for six months already, and nevertheless people very often still call me Senny even though my name is Jenny. OK, I have to admit: the names sound pretty similar. So I’m sometimes addressed as Senny, and sometimes as Jenny.

In order to maximise the incidence of confusion and mistaken identities, not too long ago our little sister spent her taster internship in our department. A week of Trieu chaos for our colleagues. Sanny was sometimes addressed as Jenny, sometimes Senny. Jenny was sometimes addressed as Senny, sometimes as Sanny. This is not, by the way, a typo. Because we are in fact four siblings, called Senny, Jenny, Sanny and Jonny. Yes, you read that right: we have a brother as well, called Jonny. He, too, as a family member, could not be allowed to miss out on Krones AG, and completed a school taster internship as a trainee electronics engineer.

Because so far this may all have sounded a bit confusing, I should like to briefly introduce the four of us: Senny (26) is the oldest, and began with Krones AG as a student trainee. She’s currently studying for a master’s degree, is spending a semester abroad in Melbourne, and is travelling the other side of the world. Our younger brother Jonny (16) will shortly be moving up to the sixth form of the grammar school and likes playing handball. The youngest of the clan is attending the grammar school in Neutraubling and will soon be spending an exchange year in China. Sanny (14) is the artistic one, and loves drawing. I myself (24) am currently studying for a master’s degree in business informatics at Regensburg University. In our shared leisure time, the four of us like singing karaoke together or accompanying ourselves on our instruments.

In my remit as a student trainee, I assist with the Krones magazine, which appears once a quarter in four different languages. I also help my colleagues in maintaining the media database. When Senny was still with Krones, I never really knew what exactly her work involved. But that changed after drinktec 2017: when Senny came back from this premier trade fair, she brought with her for each of her siblings a PET bottle with our names individually printed on the labels. She had also taken some amusing photos with her colleagues, which she then used to personalise the cover of the Krones magazine – she more or less brought her “own” magazine with her. That was the first time that I had asked her about her work and her remit at Creations: “Senny, what exactly do you do at Krones AG?” You see, the fair then made it all more immediate for me, and I got really interested – I was keen to know everything about it. Two years of student traineeship at Creations were coming to an end for Senny back then. I seized the opportunity, sent in my application, and now I’m part of the team. Meanwhile, of course, I have a pretty good idea of what my sister’s job involved back then, I’m familiar with the remits concerned, and really enjoy working with my colleagues. Even though they sometimes call me Senny.