A stroll through the history of beer


For months now, we at the Krones blog have already been looking forward to “Beer in Bavaria”. Now, at last, we’ve been able to enjoy the exhibition to the full. During the press tour with the historian Dr. Rainhard Riepertinger, my colleague Matthias and I swiftly realised: no matter how much you think you know about beer – this 1,500-square-metre exhibition has quite a few surprises in store for even the most inveterate of beer nerds. Or would you perhaps have known that the Bavarian “Mass” litre mug – probably the most iconic emblem of Bavarian drinking culture – is actually a Prussian invention? See!

If you want to really quench your thirst for knowledge (and afterwards a more physical thirst as well) you should definitely pay a visit to the Aldersbach Monastery. You’re bound to find an opportunity. To whet your curiosity a bit, our photographer Matthias has recorded his impressions for you in pictures. There will be a detailed report in the Krones magazine 3/2016.

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