A special blood donation anniversary

An adult has on average six litres of blood. So far in his life Roland Haas has already donated more than six times this amount.

Can you pursue blood donation as a hobby? For Roland Haas, from LCS Quality Assurance, it almost seems like it. That’s because the session run by the Bavarian Red Cross at Krones Neutraubling in February saw him donate blood for the 75th time in his life.

If I myself am not willing to give something of myself, then I can’t expect anyone to help me should I ever get into need”, says the 51-year-old of his motivation. As an active member of the volunteer fire brigade, he knows only too well just how urgently victims of accidents, for instance, need donated blood. Haas attended his first blood donation session at the age of 20. Since then he has given blood several times a year – circumstances permitting, of course. After all, travel in at-risk areas or flu-type diseases can temporarily exclude even healthy people from giving blood. Roland Haas has also been registered as an organ and stem cell donor since 1995. Although the Bavarian Red Cross marked his 75th blood donation with an invitation to a celebration meal, for Haas himself there is nothing special about his commitment: it’s a matter of course. That he was just one of many to give blood in the Krones session and a small queue had already formed by 9 o’clock in the morning, therefore, gave him more pleasure than any gift.