A potent joint venture in the heart of Asia

Since the summer of 2017, Krones has been cooperating with the plant and machinery manufacturer Izumi Food Machinery. The tradition-steeped Japanese company was founded in 1925 on Awaji Island, which is regarded as the cradle of the Japanese food and beverage industries. Since then, Izumi has over the years been continually expanding its portfolio of food and beverage process technology, and with its long years of experience on the market been making a crucial contribution towards the steady progress achieved by the Japanese food and beverage industries. All of Izumi’s operations have always been driven primarily by a commitment to quality – uncompromising excellence and maximised customer focus are firmly anchored in the brand values. At the same time Izumi’s innovations were always corresponding to changing market demands. This is not the least of reasons why clients from all over Asia put their trust in products and complete-system solutions from Izumi.

Moreover, this corporate focus is shared by the Krones and Izumi companies – and thus constitutes the basis for the resultant collaboration.

Both partners were keen to choose a location in the heart of Asia. The city selected for the joint venture was Singapore – not least because most of Asia’s hot-spots can be reached from Singapore within a minimised timeframe. We thus ensure in our joint venture customer-responsive proximity and fast response times.

What advantages does this joint venture create?

  • Krones contributes to the joint venture its comprehensive capabilities as a complete-system vendor, and offers a worldwide service network with a second-to-none reputation.
  • Izumi enriches the joint venture with its vast experience and its enormously respected capabilities in machinery and plant construction, though primarily in the manufacture of extraction systems for tea- and coffee-based beverages.

Krones Izumi Processing is an attractive proposition for the clients on the Asian market, with its broad range of products, its innovative solutions, its engineering expertise, and a huge fund of in-house experience when it comes to extraction systems. Underpinned by a rigorous corporate focus on the engineering in close cooperation with the client, and minimised response times.