A new blog baby

In the editorial meeting for our blog, we repeatedly realise that we have an incredible number of ideas on one particular subject: beer – and especially craft beer. You see, we like writing about beer, about the art of brewing, and about brewers dedicated body and soul to their chosen craft. The craft of brewing. That’s why we there and then decided to devote a separate blog to the creative brewing scene. At local.blog.krones.com/craftbeer we will from now on be publishing fascinating stories out of the scene.

craft beer

We shall be telling stories inspired by the desire to brew the world’s best beer. Stories about raw materials, about home brewing, about breweries both small and large, and about good beers. But we’re not writing exclusively for brewers: we’re also targeting newbie beer-drinkers, beer-lovers both present and prospective, and as always are looking forward to exchanging ideas with you in the comments section.