A new and welcome addition to the Krones family: the Krones Experts’ Lounge

Baby food – something that we take for granted as a first step towards a diet of solids. And there are practically no limits to the tempting flavours on offer: from banana-peach-apple to mango-apricot fromage frais and sugared pancakes in apple purée, all the way through to Mediterranean vegetables with aubergines, it’s all for sale in small jars. And some people become so lastingly attached to it that even as adults they still have a jar on their shelves for a between-meals snack. But the viscous mush is much, much more! At a very early age, it’s the first time we come into contact with highly complex food filling technology. After all, the challenge involved in getting the sticky mass inside a jar is something everyone can imagine who’s ever tried to transfer one of these jars’ contents to another container – without leaving half of the viscous mush in the jar or spilling a lot of it.

And it’s precisely these difficulties that Krones AG has met and mastered by creating the Viscofill product family. In the Krones Experts’ Lounge at the Anuga FoodTec, Thomas Schuhbeck will be presenting this innovative technology with a nonetheless field-proven core. The Product Manager from Krones AG will be spotlighting the different variants of the Viscofill series, and describing the optimum application categories. With its Viscofill piston-based filling systems, Krones is conquering technological virgin territory: whereas the filling of beverages has long since been perfected, there is now an option as well for handling even very chunky, viscous foods. This means Krones AG can offer its many existing clients, and now numerous new ones from the food market too, a well-nigh complete range of appropriate kit. How far in this context Krones can draw upon experience already gained, and what differentiates Krones’ technology from similar machines manufactured by its competitors: that’s what Thomas Schuhbeck will be illuminatingly elucidating at the Anuga FoodTec. He will also be demonstrating and highlighting the remarkable flexibility that enables the Viscofill to fill “an enormous range of different containers with many different products”.


And the long-serving Krones expert is a knowledgeable speaker for his audience in the Krones Experts’ Lounge: before Thomas joined Krones AG in 2003, he was conducting microbiological checks and analyses with the PIKA Weihenstephan company. So even back then optimum treatment of food was his research specialism. Since 2012, Thomas Schuhbeck has been the Product Manager for Food Applications at Krones AG in Neutraubling.

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