A look behind the scenes

Julia Troll is 20 years old and has recently completed an internship at Krones’ Corporate Communications. In this blog article, she relates her impressions and tells us what was most enjoyable for her.

Having passed my school-leaving exams, I spent a year as an au pair in the United States. Back home in Germany, I applied for an internship with Krones and I was not disappointed. As from October, it’s full-time studying for e.

In my comparatively short internship, I gained many interesting insights into different parts of the company. One of the dominant themes throughout was the drinktec in Munich. In the run-up to this major international trade fair, for instance, I was able to interview a broad spectrum of staff and colleagues in English on the upcoming event. I noticed that everyone was looking forward to it eagerly, which comes over quite clearly in the videos concerned.

What I also noticed was this: the Krones family attaches great importance to a mutually supportive atmosphere at the workplace. With the “What I do” videos, we’re giving a face to the approximately 12,000 staff involved. Together with the video team, I was able to interview staff from different divisions in English: no matter whether it was about their jobs, their preferred leisure activities or their favourite food – I was never kept waiting for answers. These “What I do” videos enable staff and customers to learn more about their colleagues or business associates.

Editing videos, interviews, research – my work during this short time with the firm was a whole lot of fun.

My absolute highlight, though, was my small virtual tour of Krones: in the form of a short Instagram films, I take the internet users round the plant in Neutraubling and also to Munich to see the preparations for the drinktec trade fair. “Julia’s virtual tour of Krones” was huge fun to make.

My tour starts at the main gate. That’s the place which even people who don’t work for Krones are familiar with, since this is where all the guests are received.

Then I took you along to Krones’ huge foyer, where I was given a map of the facility. Wow, the plant is really gigantic!

So that I can show you what exactly it is that Krones produces, I’ve given you a look inside the firm’s own museum.

Then, at last, we move on to the technical side of things. I’ll show you how bottles are filled using Krones’ machines.

What was really impressive was the test run of a Contiform, which turns the preforms into finished bottles. The sheer speed is breathtaking.

Krones is also very proud of its in-house training workshops, where the new trainees learn all about their future job remits.

I was even given an opportunity to travel to Munich, to see for myself the ongoing preparations for the upcoming drinktec. Impressive: everyone gets stuck in!

A few days before the drinktec, I was in Munich again, and had a good look round.