A glassful of gladness

In vino veritas – ever since Alcaeus of Lesbos first coined this dictum (in Greek, actually), it has been a favourite phrase of wine-lovers the whole world over. It’s probably the most famous quotation about wine ever. So wine is the fount of truth, percipience and clarity. The Austrian author Moritz Gottlieb Saphir takes a somewhat more heretical view of the relationship between wine and truth than Alcaeus of Lesbos, in his book entitled “Nightshadows of Time and Life”: “The only resemblance between wine and truth is that in both cases an excess is likely to prove upsetting.”

So who is right? The real truth doubtless lies somewhere between these two quotations – what’s transparently obvious is that true wine buffs prefer to actually see the product of their choice, or at least take an educated guess at it in a green bottle.

When it comes to packaging, winemakers have for centuries now been opting for glass bottles. Since the beginning of the 17th century, winemakers have been transferring their fine vintages from sturdy wooden barrels into glass. In Germany nowadays, over 90 per cent of wines are being sold in glass bottles. Wine producers also appreciate the multifaceted design options provided by glass bottles, and use creatively distinctive container styling in order to stand out from their mass-produced competitors. Wineries all over the world (large and mid-tier operations alike) are keen to use for their bottling operations the specifically tailored, field-proven technology from Krones, which assures minimised oxygen pick-up, optimum fill level accuracy and minimal product losses. As a smaller market segment, the bag-in-box system has proved to be a viable option, while wine is additionally offered in cartons and occasionally in PET containers as well