A day at Krones India about Corporate Etiquette and life skills

The first time I went to dinner with a business partner, I was terrified during my first steps in the corporate world. What if I accidentally brought up a sensitive subject or committed a faux pas? What if it was hard to eat my meal gracefully? What if I made too much eye contact – or equally bad, too little? What if I didn’t look elegant as my dress is not proper?

Fortunately, the dinner went well. Now that I’ve attended several professional dinners per year, I stay up-to-date with the types of business etiquette and professional norms. Studying gives me the confidence that I’m representing my company well. And that is also why we at Krones India had an event that enabled my colleagues to gain a lot of helpful knowledge on corporate etiquette.

Why our etiquette is so important to the company? Well, I truly believe that the greatest asset of a company are its employees or its people. And the better the people, the better the company.

Training overview:

One day event, 15 employees attended. Mr. Sudir Udaykanth was the trainer.

 In today’s increasingly informal society, good manners stand out! However, many people in the workforce do not understand the importance of the best way to behave when meeting with colleagues, clients and potential clients.

The program started with a brief round of introductions by Sudir and all the participants. He said: “There are many people who are too polite or too shy to confront someone they don’t know well, so they grin and bear things that affect their ability to work effectively.” We thus obtained an overview of what departments were signified and what challenges my colleagues and I are facing. This program showed us how to enhance our personal brand by dressing and speaking more professionally. We also learned what our clothing and body language says about us and why dressing too casually can create costly chaos if you don’t understand the rules. It once again clearly emerged that this is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

After a break for lunch and networking, the program continued with a presentation by Ms. Raveena Sharma. She was talking about grooming, confidence building and about public speaking. It is a skill that will help us increase our self-confidence, grow our leadership abilities, and inspire others.“ If you’re required to give boardroom presentations, sales presentations, or even technical presentations this seminar will help you express yourself clearly, confidently, coherently and concisely.

What are learning objectives I took from the training?

  • Become aware of your own first impression on others by thinking about your own most negative and positive characteristics – find true self-worth, project professionalism, identify core inner values as well as develop a strong sense of personal branding responsibility and experience a renewed sense of self-confidence
  • The training also enhanced Krones India participants to develop positive interpersonal relationship skills with their peers, subordinates and customers
  • Enhanced dining manners and business entertaining skills and improved levels of customer service. Enhanced grooming and personal branding, e.g. through clothing

Since I found this presentation so interesting, I took the opportunity after the lunch break to choose from the various breakout sessions and joined Ms. Raveena for another presentation: “Poise, Power and Presence: What It Means to Lead Like a Woman.” We learned the secrets to the playbook of success that have helped thousands of women around the country move up the corporate ladder with grace and sovereignty.