A cure for physical exhaustion

Munich Exhibition Centre, Hall B6, 6 p.m. A long day at the fair is coming to a close.  With a sigh of pleasure, Verena collapses on the sofa, peels off her socks, and rests her legs on Lisa’s thighs. Now, right after the doors have closed for the day, for the two fair hostesses there’s nothing in the world nicer than the upcoming foot massage.

The two students look after the visitors’ wellbeing on Krones AG’s stand at the fair. They’re very clear about one thing: working as a trade fair hostess is more than just a good opportunity to finance your studies. “It’s a hard, strenuous job, but at the same time it’s an amazingly fun experience”, says Verena. The 19-year-old from Regensburg finds it interesting to get to meet so many people from so many different countries. For Lisa, a week like this at a trade fair is a brilliant opportunity to slip into a new role for a change. As a teacher-to-be, the 24-year has to look pretty for the university, needless to say, but “a fair like this is something else again, of course “.

A week at a trade fair is something else again for Verena, too. “There’s nothing but work involved. In the evening, I fall into bed absolutely exhausted”, says Verena. “It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated, otherwise you’re asking for a headache.” Lisa also has some tips for would-be hostesses: “Be welcoming, keep a smile on your face, and don’t be shy about approaching people – most of them will be pleased you’re taking the trouble.”

It’s important, she says, to respond correctly when visitors to a fair approach the two young ladies with specialised technical questions. “Then we explain very politely that we know nothing about the technology involved, and refer them to the experts on the stand.“ Nevertheless, they say, it’s extremely important for a hostess to know what firm they’re representing, which is why they should always read up on the company profile beforehand.

For young ladies who are now keen to work as a hostess, here are some useful tips:

  • Seek out a reputable agency that brokers hostesses
  • Submit a neat and carefully composed application
  • Always enclose professional photos
  • Approach new tasks with inquisitive interest
  • Develop an intuitive feeling for situations
  • And most important: always have a smile on your face!!!