A brilliant appearance

Mozart – a virtuoso composer, Salzburg as city of his birth and (that’s how you can tell that I have a sweet tooth) the world-famous Mozartkugel chocolate. But since I did some travelling for the Krones magazine last summer, a fourth buzzword is coming to my mind: liquor! Yes, you heard right: There’s actually a spirit in honor to the famous musician. Compared to the sweet chocolate ball mentioned before, the only common thing is the name – and one of its main ingredients: chocolate! The liquor is available in five different flavors – from dark chocolate to a white one with strawberry, there is a choice for every taste.

And even though I haven’t seen or tasted the Mozart liquor before –next time I will have visited Salzburg it would have immediately caught my eye. The spherical bottles, wrapped in a shiny golden foil, are real eyecatchers on the shelves (and you can find them in every supermarket and souvenir shop in Salzburg).

A huge impact on this brilliant appearance has the Krones labeller. Because even though the golden foil looks like it has been applied by hand, you would need quite a lot of hands to actually label around 5,000 bottles per hour – and that’s exactly how many bottles the labeller can handle. Krones has developed this machine for and together with Mozart – and with our labelling experts putting all their technical expertise in this project, we have also emphasised the roots of our company. Additionally, a part of the framework was delivered by Mozart itself: Plant Manager Friedrich Guggenberger worked the past 27 years on always optimizing the existing machine. But eventually –  due to the seniority of the labeller and its low output of only 1,500 containers per hour –  a new machine was much needed.

If you want to know more about how the labeller dresses the spherical bottles with foil that in the end it looks like perfect creases, simply watch this video: